10,000 Laughs : Best of the Boston Comedy Festival is a great 2 stand-up comedy CD set featuring sixteen different stand-up comics who performed at the Boston Comedy Festival over the years.

It includes quite a few comics who certainly deserve to be much better known such as Tom Simmons, Darryl Lennox, Costaki Economopoulos (“the biggest name in comedy”), and James P. Connolly. 10,000 Laughs Best of the Boston Comedy Festival also features comics even the veteran comedy fan will discover. For some strange reason, though, there is not a single comedienne.

Aside from the fact a couple of sets feel like they were faded out before they really ended (Costaki Economopoulos‘ for example), there is nothing wrong with this 2 CD set. Any stand-up comedy fan will enjoy 10,000 Laughs Best of the Boston Comedy Festival. The sixteen comics included here are at the top of their game and work a six to ten minute (pretty) clean set. The advantage to the buffet style comedy CD is you get a variety of styles, comics, and topics and this is what you get here.

To be honest, my list of personal favorites from this 2 stand-up comedy set is influenced by the fact 10,000 Laughs features comics I already know and very much like. You can never go wrong with Tom Simmons and his take on sports is one of his many very good routines that segues nicely into seeing the jersey you gave the Sally Ann on TV, into terrorism, and then local problems.

I can also never hear enough of Darryl Lenox -It’s about time to put out a CD, Darryl-so his laidback style that hides a pretty caustic take on life is a welcome addition to this release. James P. Connolly, the stand-up comic with the Elvis / preacher voice, has a solid set here on being home schooled, a ladies man, and being James P. Connolly.  Danny Bevins also has a solid set here built on current events and some really funny homeless people jokes.

Costaki Economopoulos also has a solid set on 10,000 Laughs Best of the Boston Comedy Festival. The Boston audience has a lot of fun hearing his tales of woe of having an unusual name and also enjoys the only slightly blue joke on this 2 stand-up comedy CD set. Economopoulos is a smart comic you will certainly enjoy.

There are many, many other good comics on this 2 CD set. Dan Boulger is very good at one-liners that are all over the place but somehow come together for a solid set. Also solid, and might as well name all the comedians here, are Jim McCue, Tom Cotter, and Mike Green who has a brilliant if impractical solution to the price of books on tape and many original observational comedy bits.

10,000 Laughs Best of the Boston Comedy Festival also features a couple of homeboys who are still in college but this is not a strike against them here as they are not just representin’. There is not a bad set in the bunch here though Rob O’Reilly is not as great as the rest.

Just to be really difficult: there are more than ten thousand laughs here: figure 16 comics, 1,000 or so people in the audience and the math does not work.

10,000 Laughs Best of the Boston Comedy Festival
Tom Simmons, Darryl Lenox, Costaki Economopoulos
James P. Connolly, Danny Bevins
12 other stand-up comics
2 CDs
Koch Records / High 5 Records 2007

Track list:

CD 1: Jim McCue, Tom Cotter, Ryan Stout, Floyd J. Phillips, Shane Mauss, Tom Simmons, Darryl Lenox, Mike Green.

CD 2: Dan Boulger, James P. Connolly, Brad Upton, Danny Bevins, Kevin Boseman, Ryan Hamilton, Costaki Economopoulos, Rob O’Reilly


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