Delta Farce
Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy
Some guy who looks like Jeff Foxworthy
Directed by C.B. Harding
Lions Gate 2007
89 minutes

Delta Farce puts the VD in DVD. This Blue Collar Comedy related movie stars Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and some guy (DJ Qualls, whose real purpose is to look like Jeff Foxworthy) in a war movie comedy that actually doesn’t miss its targets by more than three scrap yards either way. Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall are not actors by any stretch of even the most stoned imagination so that is why nobody else in this movie can act as well as they can.

The Delta Farce premise is simple: three rednecks in the army reserves somehow end up assigned to go to Iraq. This involves, of course, a hard-ass sarge. The three rednecks end up in the middle of the desert.

They shoot up stuff and get into some trouble before they clue into the fact they are not in Iraq but in Mexico. This is where the movie borrows slightly from The Magnificent Seven and becomes the Idiotic Three. Engvall, Cable Guy, and Foxworthy look-alike end up defending a poor Mexican village from a bad guy named Carlos Santana (no, not the real one, the real one should sue). The bad guy is so evil he likes karaoke.

There are a couple of decent running gags in Delta Farce but this certainly does not fill 89 minutes. What does is a wrestling match, a Sonny and Cher duo between the sarge and Santana’s gay son, a bunch of stuff continuity forgot all about, and some patriotic message moments.

The only slightly funny moment involves ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

If you are still not convinced Delta Farce is a comedy DVD to avoid, being told Larry the Cable Guy plays the intelligent character here should convince you. If it does not, you will enjoy Delta Farce but that means you move your lips when you read the subtitles you set on On because the dialogue was too complicated.


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