Comedy Death-Ray is an unusual but good 2 CD set from Comedy Central Records.

Although the line-up features stand-ups like Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, or David Cross, it also features comic actors like Mindy Kaling (The Office) or Brian Posehn (Just Shoot Me), and young up and comers like Dan Mintz. The real difference with Comedy Death-Ray is the comics are not quite performing their set more than trying out various things in a safe environment and in front of a very generous crowd at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A.

There is something for just about every kind of comedy fan on Comedy Death-Ray. Of course, Patton Oswalt is interesting and funny and so is David Cross, two comics I like, but Maria Bamford also has a good piece and I am not a bit Bamford fan. A lot of the tracks on this 2 CD set by people not known as stand-up comics are more like comic performance pieces or riffs that feel not quite improvised. Those, and some routines by the stand-ups, also have a not quite ready for prime time comedy club stage. They are still funny and interesting and, I have to admit, I like hearing the unpolished version of a routine.

Other good moments on Comedy Death-Ray from Comedy Central Records include Jimmy Pardo and his improve with an audience member, Ian Edwards and his good bit on shark attacks. Brian Posehn is surreal and different so that is always a nice change of pace on CD 2.

Less stellar cuts include Doug Benson who starts off with a bit about O.J’s book and then does assorted short jokes. I dislike the fact his voice and delivery very much remind me of Greg Proops and that gets in the way of my enjoying his bit. Neil Hamburger really does not float my boat with his fake voice though the audience very much enjoys him and really plays along with him.

Comedy Death-Ray
Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Maria Bamford
Neil Hamburger. Jimmy Pardo, Reno 911
Various other comics
2 Comedy CD set
Comedy Central Records 2007

Comedy Death-Ray Track List:

CD 1: Paul F. Tompkins, David Cross, Doug Benson, Maria Bamford, Todd Glass, Hard N Phirm.

CD 2: Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Pardo, Neil Hamburger, Ian Edwards, Brian Posehn, Nick Thune, Scott Aukerman, Chris Hardwick, Mindy Kaling, Dan Mintz, Andy Daly, Reno 911

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