Redneck Comedy Roundup
Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White
John Fox, Blake Clark, Ron Shock
Lion’s Gate Entertainment

It seems somebody got his hands on some old A&E Evening At The Improv and Comedy On The Road Footage because these last few weeks there has been a whole bunch of stand-up Dvd’s featuring 12 to 15 year-old sets by comics who have now either vanished or have become really famous. Redneck Comedy Roundups selling point is it features early bits by Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White. The reason this DVD is interesting is the sets by John Fox, Blake Clark, and Ron Shock.

The main weakness of this so-called roundup is the cowboy in charge caught Bill Engvall a few too many times. He makes up for slightly less than half the performances on this live at the comedy club DVD and although it is interesting to see his work before he caught on to “Here’s Your Sign” most of the material here will already be more than familiar to his fans. Foxworthy shows up for a couple of clips doing his routine about single people, the fertility test, and jokes about his wife. A very different looking Ron White appears sans drink in his hand and with long hair and a mustache that would make a hippy proud.

The really good comic bits here belong to Ron Shock who does his by now classic .22 caliber rifle and red lye jokes, a comic named John Fox who has a style of his own and should definitely be more famous than he is: picture Captain Kangaroo with a hangover. You also get to see Blake Clark, the hardware store owner on Home Improvement. Unfortunately his set is quite awkwardly cut short.

Although the blue collar comedy comics are on this DVD, fans who buy it will be slightly disappointed. Fans of southern comics however, will quickly learn to skip over the many Engvall tracks and enjoy the rest.


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