From Heaven, the third Todd Barry stand-up comedy CD shows this guy is the Clark Kent of stand-up comics. Under the mild exterior is a wicked observational comic. The phone booth or venue is the Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambridge MA.

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Barry is in part an autobiographical comedian and this makes for rather unusual material as he is not exactly a domineering kind of guy. Imagine Charlie Brown with a mic.

In this show he is particularly interested in comedy audiences he has encountered and the odd request, questions, and reactions.

He is also a wicked observational comic of the absurd world around him.

Material about Trader Joe’s, Old Navy, the Container Store, visits to the zoo, or even his taste in fashion could sound boring or done to death but Todd Barry makes everything odd and fresh.

On From Heaven he also likes to play with the audience’s expectations, sort of. He gives out his home address but it is the fact it is a call back to Mick Jagger’s email address and how fake it is that makes it funny.

A good example of this stand-up comic’s humor is his juxtapositions. For example, his goal of having a limousine so his neighbors can be impressed while he goes and returns his empties for the deposit. My favorite has to be the wreath container bit.

Another good moment on this Todd Barry stand-up comedy CD is the series of jokes about celebrities. Not what you would expect, of course. My favorite has to be his romantic encounter with Julia Roberts though I find it hard to believe he would get a beer from the fridge. A Perrier, yes.

From Heaven
Todd Barry
Stand-up Comedy CD
Produced by Jack Vaughn
Comedy Central Records 2008
52 minutes

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