Lisa Best is one hell of a good comic. It is unfortunate then that the sound quality on her first comedy CD or MP3 album Brain Bank sounds like it was recorded on the cheap with a mic at the back of the room. I am very if not maniacally particular about sound quality and this got in the way of my enjoying how funny and different Best is.

Best sets herself up as stand-up’s equivalent to the starving artist. Her material includes being limited to a rice diet and sharing quarters in a friend’s shed with a possum. This is especially difficult because one of her friend’s keeps reminding her of the dangers of being attacked.

Her observational material such as how being invited is better than going to a party blended with her social awkwardness makes for a couple of very funny tracks.

Best also finds the future is not living up to what she was told it would be like. This makes for the brilliant bit Drugs!  Here, she expresses her disappointment at the Say No To Drugs campaign that led her to believe there would be parties where drugs would be flowing and people would insist on sharing them with her. A lot of comedy is in writing and delivery and here Best shows she’s got some killer chops.

Also impressive are:

the bit on Current Events where Best treats events in the Middle East like a TV series she has missed.

Jim’s Piano about what life must be like for the owner of a piano store ( you can see the punchline coming but it is the only possible outcome, real life or not).

Olive Incident, one of best awkward moment stories I have heard in a long time

and Boner where an innocent young Lisa Best learns the importance of knowing what words mean.

This stand-up comedy download and CD album closes strong with a long form story (my favorite) on getting a ticket and getting even with the officer who issued it.

Even if the sound quality still gets on my nerves, Lisa Best Brain Bank is a CD or download album I strongly recommend to anybody looking for a strong new voice in comedy.

Brain Bank
Lisa Best
Stand-up comedy download and CD
Comedy Dynamics 2016

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