Dwayne Kennedy is a great stand-up comic. His new stand-up comedy download album is brilliant. This Black comic simply blows away a San Francisco room of “liberals, fake liberals, wannabe liberals”. I cannot recommend it enough.

There are many superb bits on this download. There are so many it is hard to pick a favorite. The routine on why there are not that many Black serial killers is smart as hell and would make a good movie.

“Broke in New York City” about how hard it is to survive in NYC is original as hell. Wait until you get to the part where Dwayne Kennedy explains how he had a rat as a roommate and the rat was the only one who had a job. Kennedy knows exactly how far to go with that joke and no further.

Dwayne Kennedy has many registers. There is a hell of a difference between “God is a Gangster” and the very uptown “The Dog Don’t Bite Unless…”. “Checking In” is an original relationship bit.

If there is a weak spot on this stand-up comedy download it is the closing track where Dwayne Kennedy imagines what it would be like if Cornell West, Henry Louis Gates jr. Bell Hooks as color commentators. Its weakness is it feels rushed and sounds incomplete. I wanted more.

Who the Hell is Dwayne Kennedy?
Dwayne Kennedy
Stand-up comedy download MP3
Oak Head Records 2020


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