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Daddy Day Camp
Cuba Gooding jr., Paul Rae, Lochlyn Munro
Directed by Fred Savage
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
89 minutes

Daddy Day Camp is the DVD sequel to Daddy Day Care but none of the original actors came back. This time around, we find the day care at the end of a season (I didn't know that daycare centres closed down for the summer). 

The two owners of the daycare Charlie (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Phil (Paul Rae) are reminiscing about their summers past.  This inspires a trip to their old summer camp, only to find that it is about to be bought out by the local jerk Lance (Lochlyn Munro) who owns the rival summer camp.  The daycare owners decide to buy the camp, hence Daddy Day Camp.Hilarity or comedy are supposed to ensue.  They do not.

This movie is truly terrible.

Daddy Day Camp is billed as a family DVD (although PG), but I would never show it to my kids. Stupid stunts abound – right from the opening scene where a little girl manages to climb up on a counter top and destroy a cake, to kids fighting each other, and generally being awful. Not something I want my kids to see.  In fact on many levels

I find the movie insulting (right back to the beginning – the daycare owners are holding a barbeque, there are 20+ kids at the centre, and no one is minding the children – is this how daycare centres are viewed?).

ven with the willing suspension of disbelief, there is too much idiocy going on in this movie to make it fly.

The only redeeming element of this movie is the acting. Cuba Gooding, Jr. does what he can with what he was given, and upgrades a dreadful script to a poor movie. 

Overall Daddy Day Camp is not a movie that you should waste either you time or money on, unless you want an hour and a half of brainless stunts.

Save your money and spend it on something worthwhile.