Knight and Day
Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise
Directed by James Mangold
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Action comedy is even harder to do than a movie in which Tom Cruise does not make your skin crawl. Knight and Day is both. This is a funny, action packed comedy DVD you do not have to give you vacation to watch. In fact, the story in Knight and Day is a bit more complex than you would expect but this does not mean you can’t just sit back and enjoy the ride here.

Cameron Diaz plays June Havens, an ordinary woman on her way to her baby sister’s wedding. Her plane is overbooked so she gets bumped. Then there is room for her but the plane only has a few passengers including Roy Miller (Cruise). All the passengers attack Roy, the pilots die, and Roy lands the plane in the middle of a cornfield. The next thing June knows is she wakes up in her own bed.

It turns out Roy is a secret agent a bunch of other secret agents are after and that they are now also after June because she might know where Roy put an object called the Phoenix.

Just about every sequence in Knight and Day is a set up for a chase scene or shoot out or other action heavy moments but none feel really imposed on you. The characters are interesting, the dialogue witty and at times very funny, and you are more than willing to go along for the ride.

Diaz gets to do some of her Charlie’s Angels moves as she develops some pretty decent self-defense skills as this action comedy progresses.

The story around Roy and the other agents gets a bit convoluted but what the hell, it’s a fun movie.

Knight and Day is the kind of action comedy we too rarely see: a movie that has action, funny moments, and doesn’t dumb it down. You’ll be watching this one from time to time.


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