Had I known Kevin Hughes was a cruise ship comic I would have passed. I didn’t so I didn’t and I am glad I didn’t. In my book a cruise ship comedian is a notch below lounge singer but Kevin Hughes, a solid if middle of the road safe and clean stand-up comic, does excellent and original relationship comedy in a world were most of that is déjà vu.

His 2004 independent release stand-up comedy DVD Wild About Love features two shows: Welcome Aboard (19 minutes) and Wild About Love (40 minutes). This is good stuff but I much prefer his 2 CD set Love Is A Laughing Matter.

Part of this is my fault. I listened to the 2 CDs released in 2006 before watching the DVD and the material on the CDs is tighter even if the CDs contain Wild About Love material.

The first of the two shows on this independent release stand-up comedy DVD, Welcome Aboard, is decent stuff. It is general autobiographical and observational comedy. Good stuff, smart stuff, but not groundbreaking. Hughes works very clean though he does slip in a hell of a blowjob joke near the end.

I much preferred the Wild About Love segment on this DVD. Hughes concentrates on what is definitely his forte, relationship comedy. Lord knows I’ve heard more relationship comedy than a veteran divorce court judge but Hughes is original and perceptive. He also has a positive outlook on relationships comic and this is a lot less common.

There is a bit of a couples therapy feel to this material but the quality of the comedy hides it very well indeed.

Like many independent release stand-up comedy DVDs Wild About Love is a one camera job. It is a bit uneven for the Welcome Aboard segment (guess the cruise ship was hitting some serious waves) but well done for the title video. I would have liked chapter cuts though so a viewer can find a favorite segment again.

If you are looking for a good clean comic (well, 1 bitch, and, I think, 1 hell) with a positive outlook Kevin Hughes is a good bet

Wild About Love
Kevin Hughes
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release 2004
60 minutes

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