Futurama – Beast With a Billion Backs
Bender, Fry, Leela
David Cross, Stephen Hawking, Brittany Murphy
Fox Home Video 2008
90 minutes

You do not have to be familiar with Futurama to enjoy the Beast With A Billion Backs DVD. I know, I did not follow Fox’s Futurama after the first two or three episodes so I was not familiar with the series’ lore nor had I had never heard of the previous movie, Bender’s Big Score.

This is a movie with a thin story but enough funny lines, humorous sight gags, and comic references to make the whole interesting though episodic.  Beast With A Billion Backs keeps the jokes coming at a pretty decent pace and that makes up for it

An anomaly that looks like a lightning scar has appeared in the earth’s sky and the Professor, Fry, Leela, and the other weird Futurama creatures mount an expedition to figure out what is so anomalous about the anomaly. Things, of course, go wrong.

It starts with Fry falling in love with a beautiful girl who has four other live-in boyfriends. Depressed he eventually stows away on the ship that is sent to investigate the anomaly and gets a Spock – V-Ger moment from the first Star Trek movie. Bender is also suicidal and this allows him to discover a great robot secret.

Then something evil overtakes Fry and invades planet earth. Even the Professor’s brilliant inventions cannot help.

It takes a good thirty minutes for the Futurama Beast With A Million Backs to get going with its main story but this Futurama DVD keeps the jokes coming at a pretty decent pace to make up for it until the last twenty or so minutes where the thin plot takes over.

What I especially liked about the humor in this DVD is it is not age biased so teens as well as people who remember The Supremes and Richard Nixon will get it.

Extras on this disc include Futurama The Lost Episode, a thirty-minute cartoon produced for the video game, a “blooper reel” and a preview of the next movie, Bender’s Big Game.

Review for Futurama Bender’s Game


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