Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder
Philip Fry, Turanga Leela, Bender
Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg
Directed by Peter Avanzino
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
88 minutes

I immediately liked the Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD because of the good digs at Celine Dion. Whether or not this Futurama movie is the best in the series is very open to discussion. Although it is very episodic, I found Into the Wild Green Yonder easier to get into and more inventive than past DVD s in the series.

Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder is loosely tied together by Sammy Wong. It is he who builds Mars Vegas, the giant-sized miniature golf course, and plans to destroy a violet star. In Mars Vegas Bender and Frye get into a million-dollar poker game hosted by the head (and voice) of Penn Jilette. Later on, Leela becomes an eco-feminist and decides to fight Sammy Wong’s plans.

The oddest storyline in this Futurama DVD is Frye accidentally gains mind-reading powers and must wear an aluminum hat at all times to stay sane. This new power allows him to help Leela and also find an egg that contains the DNA of all vanished species but it also makes him the target of an evil force called the Dark Ones.

This Futurama DVD is the most visually interesting and original of them all. It is also a lot more colourful. Considering this is a cartoon, that’s kind of important.

Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder is very fun, mindless entertainment and sometimes that is all you want.

Special features on the Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD include Storyboard Animatic: Into the Wild Green Yonder, Part 1; Featurette: Matt Groening and David X. Cohen in Space!; Docudramarama: “How We Make Futurama So Good”; “Louder! Louder!”: The Acting Technique of Penn Jillette; Golden Stinkers: A Treasury of Deleted Scenes; How To Draw Futurama In 10 Very Difficult Steps; 3D Models with Animator Discussion; Bender’s Movie Theater Etiquette; and Zapp Brannigan’s Guide to Making Love at a Woman.

If you click the wheel correctly, the Futurama Easter Egg, a short bathroom tissue animation of Bender having a beer becomes available.

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