Married With Children
The Complete Seventh Season
Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate
Katey Sagal, David Faustino
Originally aired 1992-93
26 Episodes 3 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007

I have half a mind to enjoy the Married With Children The Complete Seventh Season DVD set and half a mind to dislike it. Then again, some might say you need that to enjoy these 26 episodes of a Fox network situation comedy that by then had successfully become a parody of itself. Although there is not a great classic episode in the bunch here each has its really good moment or two, something many sitcoms do not have.  This Married With Children DVD box set is very enjoyable if you like lowbrow comedy heavy on innuendos and adult references and do not mind its formulaic approach and very present studio audience.

It is in part because the show had become formulaic and an over the top version of itself that the Married With Children The Complete Seventh Season DVD set is fun to watch. This 3 DVD set is going to be a keeper (in spite of myself) simply because it is so mindlessly entertaining and surreal it makes for some really relaxing and entertaining TV. There may not be a memorable show in this 3 DVD set but most of them are enjoyable.

Married With Children The Complete Seventh Season opens with what many fans of the show consider the moment this situation comedy jumped the shark: the arrival of Seven, the new kid in the Bundy family. Thankfully, Seven lasts only eighteen shows before going to bed one last time. Personally, I believe the arrival of Ted McGinley in a previous season (he plays next door neighbor Jefferson D’Arcy) was certainly a bad omen as McGinley is best known as shark chum.

The Complete Seventh Season of Married With Children features the usual story lines: Al ain’t giving none, Peg and Bud ain’t getting none, and Kelly is hot and a dumb blonde. The reason the show is fun to watch is the quality of the barbs and put downs the writers came up with. I especially enjoyed the Al on the Rocks episode where Bundy gets a second job as a topless bartender. This more than makes up for the very banal show where Al decides to buy a cemetery plot or The Old College Try where the Bundys spend all of Bud’s scholarship money (though the father and son talk Al has with Bud is definitely worth watching).

The Christmas show, with its flashback to 1974 isn’t bad after you get over Faustino in a high chair wearing rompers and is worth watching for the Bundy the No Man tune. The Wedding Show, where Bud gets lucky with the bride to be is also pretty good. The follow-up episode is so-so. Look for letter turner Vanna White as a woman who wants to buy Al’s services in the last episode of season 7 of Married With Children.

Though I am not enough of a Married With Children fan to know if The Complete Seventh Season 3 DVD set of the show includes many or any syndicated versions of the sitcom, it is clear the original opening titles and end credits have been replaced.

Married With Children was the Fox Network’s first situation comedy and this may explain why it overstayed its welcome. Still, this is something you put on the DVD player when you feel like being entertained while your brain takes a vacation. It would have been nice though if the Married With Children Season 7 DVD set had special features like bloopers and such.

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