Get Smart
Steve Carrel, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin
Directed by Peter Segal
Warner Home Video
110 minutes

“Missed it by that much”, as Maxwell Smart would say. I can not say the same for Get Smart as the summer of 08 blockbuster now on DVD was a dead on success.

Steve Carrel stars as the incompetent and always optimistic Maxwell Smart in this funny movie based on the 1960’s situation comedy starring Don Adams as Max, and Barbara Feldon as agent 99.

Get Smart the movie is about the beginning of Maxwell Smart’s bumbling career. After all the other CONTROL agents are discovered and then eliminated by the enemy, Max is promoted from desk work to field agent. As Max says, this is the greatest day of his life. For his first mission, he is partnered with the beautiful Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) and sent off to stop the evil plans of the crime organization known as KAOS.

Along the way, he shows off his spectacular, but not always practical crime fighting techniques and manages to somehow make good out of his blunders. This of course creates many opportunities for the spectators to burst out laughing as they watch Maxwell Smart attempt to both impress agent 99 and save the day.

Steve Carrel does an excellent job of interpreting the overly confident Maxwell Smart. Anne Hathaway is equally good  as the more sophisticated agent 99. Truthfully, I did not think that Anne Hathaway was the right choice for this kind of movie when I saw the trailer, but I was quickly proven wrong after the first five minutes of the film. The cast also includes actors such as Dwayne Johnson as Ageng 23, Alan Arkin as the Chief, Terence Stamp as Siegfried, and even a short appearance by Bill Murray as Agent 13

Get Smart is filled with both action and comedy, and keeps you breathless from all the adventure and all the laughs that you experience along the way. A highlight in this movie are gadget scientists Bruce and Lloyd. They even got their own spin-off movie Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control.

Do not miss this movie, no matter what. It is sexy, funny and Smart (yes, that joke was very predictable).

Hardcore fans of Get Smart might be sadistic enough to check out the 1995 remake of this sitcom with the dreadful Andy Dick.

Andrew Taylor


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