Get Smart Season 2
Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt
30 Episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 1966-67
HBO Home Video / Warner Home Video 2009

If you are a classic sitcom fan, the Get Smart Season Season 2 DVD set is well worth your while with Bronzefinger, a nod to the Bond series, and DVD 4 with the three-part A Man Called Smart. The thirty episodes on this situation comedy DVD set are pristine and feature the intros and outros often cut from the syndicated version.

As sitcom DVD sets go, the price for Get Smart is very reasonable, especially since season two features 30 episodes. The Greatest Spy on Earth set in a circus –although the stock circus footage showed its age a bit even then. The show is really an excuse for oddball characters like the half-man half-woman performer and it is a lot of fun. The rest of the episodes here are the usual very funny absurd humor and pratfalls that made the show so popular and make it still funny some forty years later.

The three-part A Man Called Smart is basically the script for a Get Smart movie adapted for TV. It is the highlight of this sitcom DVD set. It features some of the greatest gags in this situation comedy’s history. One of them, episode 2, has Smart get kidnapped by KAOS and the thugs switching to smaller and smaller cars. The running gag of what prop hides the phone is a lot of fun.

A cool thing about the Get Smart series was the many gadgets Control labs came up with for Agents 86 and 99, gadgets that would have made Q branch really jealous. Granted, the Cone of Silence still needs work. It is also fun to see how and where agent 13 master of disguise will turn up.

It is fun to see Ted Knight (Ted Baxter of The Mary Tyler Moore Show) play a Churman baddy in Pussycat Galore (DVD 4 of Get Smart Season 2). Gordon Jump (WKRP) is a secretary in the Casablanca episode where Don Adams does his Humprey Bogart impression when talking  to the Fat Man Barbara Feldon sings a tune. It is also one of the more complex plots in this Get Smart season.

Get Smart Season 2 is a lot of fun to watch.

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