I See You Dot Com
Rosanna Arquette, Shiri Appleby, Baelyn Neff
Beau Bridges, Matthew Botuchis
Directed by Eric Steven Stahl
Warner Home Video 2008
93 minutes

I See You.Com is a fun little comedy that came yeah close to being really good. This DVD delivers light entertainment that doesn’t ask a lot from the viewer aside from sitting back. I See You .com has an original premise, decent acting, and a couple of very mild titillating scenes that barely make this a PG 13 movie.

Although it takes a while for this comedy to really get rolling and the flashback storytelling method gets in the way, I See You .com does have a few funny things to say about reality shows, the popularity of spy cams on the net, and the kind of people who exhibit themselves for money.

Harvey Bellinger (Bridges), his daughter Audrey (Baelyn Neff), and his second wife and former Playboy centerfold Lydia Ann (Arquette) discover they have been an internet phenomenon after Harvey’s stepson Colby put cameras in every nook and cranny of the Bellinger home. Since they are broke and need the money, the family members go along with Colby’s money making scheme. Viewers are fickle though and if the Bellinger clan does not up the stakes the whole scheme will go down the toilet, big payday and all.

Beau Bridges is his usual bland self and both Rosanna Arquette and Shiri Appleby (Colby’s girlfriend) are not really given much to do. The fact you know how the movie ends as soon as it begins really takes some of the thrill out of the whole live on the internet story line.

This is not a laugh out loud comedy but I See You Dot Com manages to keep a viewer smiling all the way through.

Look for the late Don LaFontaine, the voice of all previews, in a cameo as the voice over guy.

The really weird thing about I See You.com is the extra features of footage that was included in the theatrical version but not in the DVD version.

There is a digital copy available with this disc


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