Hancock Single DVD Unrated Edition
Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman
Directed by Peter Berg
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
102 minutes

Hancock is not bad, not a superhero movie DVD, not a drama, and nor quite comedy. This DVD doesn’t know what kind of movie or story it wants to tell. This explains why it is too long at only 102 minutes. The experience is almost like watching two different movies at the same time. Although the parts do not fit together they are interesting enough to keep you watching. That is, unless you are easily distracted.

Will Smith plays the title role in this movie about a superhero gone to seed who gets an image makeover from a good hearted PR guy, Jason Bateman. The makeover works and Hancock becomes popular again after foiling a big time bank robbery that gives the movie a bit of energy.

Another story is the Bateman character has this idea that could make the world better if only someone would listen.

Then the movie becomes a story about two superheroes who have been together through time until one of them was in an accident many years ago.

There is also a story in there about a bad guy who wants revenge for being put in jail by Hancock. How bad guy and his buddies got out of jail three days after being put in jail is just one of those weird movie things. The showdown is simply beyond belief.

Eventually the various bits and pieces of this movie kind of gel together but I’ve seen better thread on slick racing tires.

Will Smith really carries Hancock. Without Smith there is nothing really interesting here. Theron is pretty much wasted in this movie in part because she doesn’t really seem to care about her thin character.

Some may see Hancock as an antihero movie turning the genre on its head or maybe it’s just really messy. I’m glad I didn’t spend serious money to see it in the theaters but on DVD as a rental, it’s okay.


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