There are 402 “you know” on this David Heti stand-up comedy download. It breaks down to an average of 33.5 “you know” per track or 1 “you know” every 8 seconds. There are probably one third as many “I don’t know”. And You Will Regret It is the most appropriately titled comedy mp3 album I have ever come across.

David Heti is a much better comic than this as his previous comedy download It Was Okay shows

And You Will Regret It
David Heti
Stand-up comedy download MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2018

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    Solid nihilistic comedy, well worth the financial contribution.
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    Good comic with an old school rhythm.
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    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. The last 22 minutes are the best I have heard in a long while.
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    If the Dark Side has a comedy club, David Heti is the headliner.
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    Very good, original, varied comedy by (gay) comic.
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