Tonight You’re Mine
Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012
80 minutes

Woodstock meets romantic comedy in Tonight You’re Mine (aka You Instead). The story is simple: Adam, the lead singer from a successful band (Luke Treadaway), gets handcuffed to Morello, the singer from a smaller band (Natalia Tena), during a major and muddy music festival in Scotland. For various reasons they cannot free themselves until they achieve what the movie wants them to achieve.

This is the kind of light romcom you either go or not go with from the start. Director David Mackenzie gives his movie faux-documentary and faux-indie film style and so kind of gets away with a rather haphazard story and characters. This also makes for a hit and miss movie where some scenes and developments are interesting and others, like what happens to band member Tyko, feel like filler.

One of the break-ups necessary for the movie’s ending is hard to buy. The special “connection” one character now feels is not on screen and there is no back story to support why the other’s mate gives up so easily.

The music is good and includes a short appearance by The Proclaimers but you sometimes find yourself wishing there was more of it.

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