The PIrates! Band of Misfits
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012
88 minutes

The Pirates! Band of Misfits is about a pirate crew who consider themselves the terror of the seas. When the Pirate of the Year awards come up, they will do anything it takes to win it.

They raid ships in search of gold, but find nothing. The pirate Captain raids his last ship and finds a scientist, Charles Darwin, who has an interest in a Dodo bird named Polly. The Captain sails to London in order to win the science awards and get untold riches. The Pirate Captain wins first place and and a meeting with the Queen. The Queen HATES pirates and almost has the pirate Captain beheaded but will let him go if he hands Polly over to her. He refuses so the Queen offers a boatload of gold too.

He wins the Pirate of the Year award but loses everything when the other pirates find out he has been pardoned. He rescues Polly and becomes terror of the seas once more.

The animation was very well done. I particularly like claymation because of the realness of it. The Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) did a very good accent and played the part well. Queen Victoria (Imelda Stauton) had a creepy character and did a splendid job on playing it. #2 (Martin Freeman) had a wise and supportive character and played it well. Charles Darwin (David Tennant) had a weird, creepy, and dark character, and played it with just the edge in his voice. The special features were great; including the mini movie ‘So You Want to be a Pirate.’ The music was touching and sometimes funny. They made up songs for the situation that didn’t have anything to do with real life. The characters’ animation went well with the voices and music.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits was very funny and I liked the message. I didn’t like it because of…actually, I liked everything about the movie! The voices, the animation, the music, the message, the acting, the humour and the characters!

Amy R. 11 years old

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