The Passion Of Greg The Bunny
Best of the Film Parodies Volume 2
Greg the Bunny, Warren ?the ape? Demontague
Count Blah, Pal Friendlies, The Wumpus
6 episodes 1 DVD
Many extra features
Shout! Factory 2008
200 minutes

Any TV show louder than Gilbert Gottfried -who appears on two episodes-has to be a matter of taste. Greg The Bunny is one very weird cool show and The Passion of Greg the Bunny, Best of the Film Parodies Volume 2 is a DVD fans of the series will certainly enjoy.

They will also share this Greg the Bunny collection with friends (family probably being too old) and add fans to the show.

Best of the Film Parodies Volume 2 feature Wumpus The Monster, Sockville, Blue Velveteen, Plush: Behind the Scenes, Wacky Wednesday, and The Passion of the Easter Bunny Fabricated American Movie.

These are of course irreverent but loosely accurate with some detours into other movies from time to time. The personal favorite here is the Freaky Friday spoof especially for the old Chinese curiosity shop segments. Wumpus the Monster is also high on my list just because of the Cookie Monster factor.

Anyone a little older than this show’s target audience (teens and frat boys) and who grew up on Sesame Street, meaning the entire planet after 1969, will appreciate more the knock-off Guy Smiley, Count, and the Cookie Monster.

You do not have to be very familiar with the movies being spoofed to enjoy this Greg the Bunny DVD. It helps but how many people have seen Dogville and how many of those are likely to be fans of this show?

Most of the spoofs here are generally accessible such as the MTV Behind the Scenes rip-off, er, send-up. It isn’t the best segment on Best of the Film Parodies Volume 2 as it stretches the studio work joke beyond funny.

On the extremely weird side is The Passion of Greg the Bunny. If this doesn’t make you squirm at least once you do not have a single good taste gene.

Extra features on The Passion of Greg the Bunny include Fur on the Asphalt, a reunion show with Sarah Silverman, Seth Green, and other people; Deleted scenes and outtakes; Greg & Warren’s first music video; Supper with Friends uncut; Webisodes; clips from the Public Access TV days; a gag reel; a photo gallery, and the usual for true fans only Commentary by the series’ creators.


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