Think Like A Man
Michael Early, Jerry Ferrara
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

Think Like A Man is a very enjoyable, original, and unusual romantic comedy DVD even guys can enjoy. The title comes from comedian Steve Harvey’s book on relationships and the movie uses some of that advice and clips with Steve Harvey as the frame for the many stories it presents. Think Like A Man brings something new to the romcom chick flick but it features nine main characters and it is easy to get lost without a playbook.

The movie follows four different guys who fit four different profiles according to the Steve Harvey book: Zeke “the player”, Michael “the Mama’s boy”, Dominic “the dreamer|, and Jeremy “the non-committer”. Four different women used advice from Think Like A Man to get their guy. There is career woman Laura, single mom Candace, Kris who has been Jeremy’s girlfriend for nine years and wants a commitment, and Mya who tends to hook up and get dumped. Somewhere in there there is the bitter and divorced guy played by Kevin Hart (who is also a very annoying character).

A nice change of pace from the usual romantic comedy is the men here are not automatically jerks. In fact, they are pretty normal guys even in movie terms.

Halfway through the guys learn about the Think Like A Man book and turn the tables on the women. Not that the movie goes where most romcoms would go at that point.

The relationship scenes are interspersed with scenes featuring the guys together talking about women and the women together talking about men. To add a little diversion, there is also some white folk black folk humor as a couple of the secondary buddies  are white guys.

The developments are original and the humor constant and low key aside from anything having to do with the Kevin Hart character.

This romantic comedy DVD is a bit long at 122 minutes but it is a movie both men and women can enjoy so what the hell.

Special features include deleted scenes and a banal five-minute gag reel.

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