My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard
Directed by Ivan Reitman
20th Century Fox
96 minutes

If you want a very original comedy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is it. There has been nothing quite like it before. This is a spoof of superhero movies and romantic comedies with a hell of a lot of really cool bits of dialogue. Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, and Eddie Izzard, the super villain, star in this really cool movie.

Uma Thurman plays superhero G Girl whose secret identity is mousey art historian Jenny Johnson. She falls in love with architect Matt Saunders, Luke Wilson, but does not take it very well when he breaks it off with her. If you can imagine your ex having PMS and super powers to express her anger, you get My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

All the elements of the superhero movie are in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. From how Jenny Johnson got her superpowers and became G-Girl to how the villain, a former high school sweetheart became her evil nemesis, to what is her kryptonite (a piece of meteor the bad guy keeps in his fridge). The movie has a lot of fun turning the genre on its head.

This is also a very warped romantic comedy as Wilson has the hots for a co-worker and, unfortunately, follows the advice of his best friend Vaughn (played by Rainn Wilson who almost steals the show), and breaks up with his superhero girlfriend. Unfortunately G-Girl is very possessive and does not take it very well. This is where the fun really begins.

Eddie Izzard is the arch villain here and is really good in this role. He is underused but this is because a lot of My Super Ex-Girlfriend focuses on G-Girl’s rage and her many attempts at getting even with Luke Wilson, such as putting his car in orbit or interrupting his important presentation to Chinese customer with a hell of a prank. Wanda Sykes is also very good in a minor role.

Most superb in this comedy DVD is the writing. There are so many really good bits of funny and dialogue that although they do not get in the way of enjoying the movie do kind of stop you from just sitting back and enjoying it. There are not too many comedies out there where you actually admire the writing. Then again, this comedy is so quick paced and goes places you would never have thought of that you just might as well watch it a second time.

Some might quibble at the quality of the CGI effects but what the hell, this ain’t Star Wars. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a hell of a lot of fun.


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