Everybody Wants to be Italian
Jay Jablonski, Cerina Vincent, John Kapelos
Directed by Jason Todd Ipson
Lionsgate 2009
105 minutes

Everybody Wants to be Italian is a fun little romantic comedy DVD and an independent small-budget movie.  The story is a bit disorganized and occasionally spins its wheels but this movie does have a certain charm to it.

In Everybody Wants to be Italian, Jake has a hard time getting over the woman who dumped him eight years ago. She did find him in bed with her sister and her best friend, get married again, and have a child, but Jake proposes to her every year on the same date. His friends at a Boston North End fish store decide to find him his soul mate. They settle on Marisa, a beautiful and single young woman from the North End.

Problem is, Jake and Marisa are the only two people in the North End who are not Italian although both believe the other is. Jake learns how to date an Italian girl and Marisa learns how to date an Italian boy.

Everybody Wants to be Italian is a dialogue heavy romantic comedy, but the dialogue is quite fun “No, you can’t take an Italian woman to the North End for the first date. It’s like a priest taking a young boy to the opera. It’s too obvious.”

This romantic comedy also has a lot of fun battling Italian stereotypes while fully embracing them. “You know, an Italian girl is always someone’s daughter and she probably has brothers with knives”

The one thing I especially liked about this indie movie is it made me feel good: Even I am better at first dates than Jake, and that is saying a hell of a lot.

You do have to be patient with this movie but it does entertain.

A special mention to Lionsgate for the new style clamshell case which uses less plastic and is recyclable.


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