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Mystery Team
Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson, Dominic Dierkes
Directed by Dan Eckman
Lionsgate Films 2010
94 minutes Rated R

Mystery Team is a great comedy on a broken shoestring budget. This comedy DVD stars the Derrick Comedy group as three eighteen year olds who still think and act like kid detectives. Mystery team is silly, bizarre, original, very entertaining, and R-rated.

Jason, Duncan, and Charlie are the Mystery Team. Once cute as kid detectives, they are now eighteen and a local joke. Things change when Brianna, a seven year old girl asks them to solve her parents’ murder. Jason instantly develops a crush on her older sister, Kelly so the team takes the case.

It is a good thing the team once solved the mystery of the run over frog  as they soon find out this is a real crime with real if stupid criminals

Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson, and Dominic Dierkes are Derrick Comedy an NYU sketch comedy group that has gathered a solid internet following. Movies with this background usually suffer from the Saturday Night Dead syndrome of not knowing the joke was over five minutes ago. This is not the case here.

Mystery Team eventually goes for gross out humor. That really is a shame as this movie was much better than that until then. Fortunately it is only for a couple of jokes.

Not all 94 minutes of this comedy work. The scene at the ball park is pretty awful acting and writing wise and there are a couple of other lesser scenes. This said, Mystery Team is an absolute hoot.

The one real problem I have with this comedy DVD is at first glance Mystery Team looks like a family friendly comedy. This will probably warrant a few angry comments and letters from parents who did not use their detective magnifying glass and see the words sex and raunchy on the cover.

Special features on the Mystery Team DVD are a commentary track that sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, a making of, preproduction test scene, a Sword Club featurette, and Who is Wally Cummings?

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