Little Man
Loaded With Extra Crap Edition
Marlon Waynans, Tracy Morgan, Kerry Washington
Directed by Keenan Ivory Waynans
Sony Pictures Home Video 2006
98 minutes

I really really wanted to hate Little Man, the latest comedy DVD from the people who brought you White Chicks (and if that is not a credential for garbage, what is?) I had even come up with a good slam like director Keenan Ivory Wayans had finally found a part for brother Marlon Wayans’ very small acting talent: that of a midget. I was also rather proud of myself for having thought of the following line: The Little Man DVD cover boasts “Loaded with extra crap edition” so now we know the stuff can stick to itself. Unfortunately, I am forced, very reluctantly so, to admit that Little Man is a decent little comedy.

One of the reasons Little Man is a decent comedy DVD is the movie does not waste time telling its story. Eight minutes into the movie, little person Calvin Simms and dumb-ass partner Percy (Tracy Morgan) commit an ingenious jewelry story robbery, escape the law, plant the loot, and then set out to retrive the mega diamond they have stolen. You have also been introduced to Shawn Wayans and Kerry Washington, an upwardly mobile couple who want to have a baby. Calvin (the head of Marlon Wayans on the body of Linden Porco or Gabriel Pimentel) leaves himself at their in a baby basket to get in the house and retrieve the diamond. The only people to suspect the baby is a midget is the grandfather played by John Witherspoon

This is a Waynans brothers comedy so you can expect more than a few fart jokes and pee-pee jokes. Considering the baby is really a grown man, you can also expect quite a few scatological moments, instances where the “baby” tries to breast feed from the mother’s friends and so on. Fortunately, there is more to this comedy now on DVD than toilet humor. There is a very hilarious chase scene involving a soccer mom who does her make up and reaches over to change her baby while pursuingĀ  little man who stole his adoptive father’s car to get away.

Another original and very funny comedic moment is when the boys take little man to see a hockey game. Look for Rob Schneider as the Barney rip-off who gets beat up by little man. The family football game is also a riot and the ending very original.

Do not let the “From the guys who brought you White Chicks” turn you off this pretty decent and rather original comedy DVD. Little Man is a lot of fun.


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