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Tooth Fairy Blu-ray DVD Combo
Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant
Billy Crystal, Julie Andrews
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
101 minutes


Tooth Fairy is a great family friendly Blu-ray starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Johnson may be as believable a hockey player as a Toronto Maple Leaf but he knows how to pick a movie that will please the whole family and a comic role that works for him. Tooth Fairy doesn’t play dumb, doesn’t pander, doesn’t waste time, and is totally original and a real hoot.

The Rock plays former NHL and now minor leaguer Derek “Tooth Fairy” Johnson, an enforcer known for costing the opponent a tooth or two. He is disillusioned about life and is more than willing to shatter others’ illusions, even those of kids.

When he comes close to telling his girlfriend’s six-year-old daughter there is no such thing as a tooth fairy, he is summoned and sentenced to serve two weeks as a real, genuine, honest to god, blue tights and wings tooth fairy. This gets in the way of his normal, every day life and his hockey playing. It also sets up a lot very, very funny situations.

If being a genuine tooth fairy wasn’t complicated and funny enough, Tooth Fairy Johnson has to protect a hotshot teammate with a bad attitude, deal with his girlfriend’s surly tweenage son and a supervisor with wing envy, and please the fairy godmother (Julie Andrews).

You later learn all is not well in tooth fairy land. Guess who’s going to change that?

Not that Tooth Fairy is all that predictable. There are a few surprise twists here and there to keep the adults interested.

Tooth Fairy is available either as Blu-ray, DVD, or in a Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy combo pack.

Stay tuned for the end credit cartoons; they are a lot of fun.

Special features on the Tooth Fairy Blu-ray include an introduction and commentary track by director Michael Lembeck, Fairyoke, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, and Behind the Scenes. You Can also download a quiz game app to play on the computer or iphone.

The most interesting special features is the Tooth Fairy Training which is a way to get kids to exercise a bit.

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