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No Time for Sergeants
Andy Griffith, Myron McCormick, Nick Adams
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Originally released 1958
Black and White Widescreen
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
119 minutes

In No Time for Sergeants Andy Griffith reprises his Tony Award winning role of draftee bumpkin Will Stockdale. Griffith would end up playing many a variation of this good hearted, not quite perceptive character but Will Stockdale remains a unique character. This is a post war army comedy that does not make fun of the army, here the air force, as it presents comic characters in comic situations. The No Time for Sergeants DVD presents the movie in matted widescreen using a digitally remastered print.

Backwoods innocent Will Stockdale is drafted by the air force. A few misunderstandings later, he befriends Ben (Nick Adams) who would like nothing more than to be in the infantry with his six brothers. Being a good friend, Will decides to help Ben get that transfer and go along with him. Myron McCormick plays the only non-yelling sergeant ever. Sergeant King is a don’t make waves kind of guy and he does all in his power ot make sure Will does not rock the boat no matter how accidently.

By today’s standards, No Time for Sergeants is an odd army comedy. It does not have any bite at all. The laughs come from the characters and the writing. For example, Will Stockdale is assessed by the air force psychiatrist and unwittingly outwits him.

The fun and Andy Griffith‘s gimmick do wear thin after a while and the story seems at a standstill looking for the next gag which is Stockdale and Whitledge are believed to have died in a plane crash.

The last third of No Time For Sergeants is nonsensical. Overall, this is a decent enough comedy DVD but not much more than that. Andy Griffith fans will appreciate it more.

Look for Don Knotts as one of the testers Will encounters. Jamie Farr of MASH appears as the copilot of the airplane in the second half of this comedy.

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