Chillerama The Ultimate Midnight Movie
Richard Riehle, Ray Wise, Eric Roberts
Directed by Adam Green and Others
Image Entertainment 2011
119 minutes

Chillerama is a great horror comedy salute to B movies with zombie sex at the end. It is the story of the last night of a drive-in theater where the owner shows four horror movies that were believed lost forever. Titles include Wadzilla and The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. Of course, very weird things happen off screen too and it involves zombies. You haven’t seen zombie sex at its best until you see the zombie sex in Chillerama.

Wadzilla is the story of a single guy who takes an experimental drug and produces a giant sperm every time he sees a beautiful woman. His sperm gets loose and starts killing people. The ending is … really worth the price of admission. Part of the fun in this segment is it being set in the fifties and the attention the directors paid to details.

I Was a Teenage Werebear is a very gay nod to sixties beach movies like Beach Blanket Bingo and Elvis musicals. The story is weak but the laughs are there.

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein is in black and white and pseudo-German subtitled in English. Hitler himself finds the Frank, originally Frankenstein family, and uses the grandfather’s diary to create a monster that will end the war. Wait ‘til you see what the monster looks like.

The last of the four films shown in the Chillerama at the drive-in is Deathication. This is one long poop joke set in the seventies with a not so subtle nod to John Waters.

It is during the last movie that the sex crazed zombies take over the drive-in. This is a brilliant moment.

Chillerama Blu-ray special features include Directors Commentary, Behind-the-Scenes and Deleted Scenes, Directors Interviews, and a Making of The Diary of Anne Frankenstein.

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