The Man Show alumni writer Andy Andrist comes out strong with this first stand-up comedy CD Dumb It Down For The Masses.

This is nasty, foul-languaged observational comedy that does not stop slamming targets it rarely misses and is certainly not for your average audience. If, however, you appreciate comics who are intelligent and aggressive Dumb It Down For The Masses will fit nicely in your collection next to Doug Stanhope, Lisa Lampanelli, and Don Tjernagel.

Aside from the intro by Doug Stanhope that does not really work comedy wise, this is a solid comedy CD. Andrist comes out shooting and his first target is his audience, accusing it of being there to get drunk and get lucky, encouraging it to drink itself retarded as the key to happiness before taking on retarded people (who may not be those you think he is spewing about)

This, in many ways, is the key to Dumb It Down For The Masses. Andy Andrist rips apart every excuse society gives itself for its mediocrity and its acceptance of its darkest failings. From too many handicapped spaces for too many fake handicaps. He swings both ways when it comes to Queer Rights when he attacks both pros and cons of the issue. His solution to the wars in the Middle East is to send in the homeless, pedophiles, and murderers as an easy out to solving all of America’s problems.

Halfway through his set Andrist switches tack to a very funny story about dealing with a raccoon on his property. My personal fave is stand-up comedy with a story and Coon Hunter works. I just wish it had been a bit longer.

This somehow segues into a bit about death which is really about dumb people doing dumb things to get themselves killed like the carnival ride operator who got stupid.

Other good stuff on this stand-up comedy CD includes Earth First where the Oregon militia, earth firsters, stoners, and hippies all come under attack with a nice callback to a Starbucks grande joke. The Tragedy Channel features a few good suggestions for those out to kill a few people.

The CD closes with a “hidden track” of material recorded under different circumstances. The sound quality is not the greatest but it is a bonus track and the stuff is funny.

If you like easy listening stand-up, believe there is a bit of good in everybody or the fellowship of mankind, Andy Andrist Dumb It Down For The Masses is definitely not something for you.

This is comedy for those who are survival of the fittest Darwinists who like their comedy when it bites them in the ass.

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Andy Andrist
Dumb It Down For The Masses
stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records
60 minutes

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