Big Fan
Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport, Jonathan Hamm
Directed by Robert D. Siegel
VSC 2010
86 minutes Widescreen

Big Fan starring Patton Oswalt is superb. This small-budget movie DVD is not a comedy but Oswalt is a stand-up so that’s why it is reviewed here. You really do not have to be a fan of this comic to enjoy Big Fan. It does what many big budget movies fail to do: tell an original story with believable characters who say believable things. Big Fan may look like a football movie on the DVD jacket but it is much more than just that and a must see.

Patton Oswalt is a natural as Paul Aufiero a thirty something schmuck whose entire life is the New York Giants and QB Quantrell Bishop (Hamm). He calls the sports hotline every night with a scripted intervention, goes to Giants stadium with his pal Sal to watch the game on a portable TV. His nemesis is another caller, Philadelphia Phil.

One night, Paul gets to meet Bishop and get the sh!t kicked out of him. Big Fan is about the aftermath. If you think you know what it is, think again. This is where Big Fan, already a good movie, becomes a must see even if a couple of the scenes were not necessary.

As for the ending? WOW!

Everything works in Big Fan, even the supporting actors who really look like Oswalt’s family members. Marcia Jean Kurtz is especially good as Paul’s mom.

Oswalt is so good in Big Fan comedy fans will hope movies do not discover him and he can continue being a stand-up.

Special Features on Big Fan include Q&A with Robert Siegel and Patton Oswalt; Kevin Corrigan recalling his experience; Siegel and Patton Oswalt interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and a downloadable poster.

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