Extreme Movie Unrated
1 sheep, 2 gerbils, 3-foot fuzzy creature
Michael Cera, Frankie Muniz, Jamie Kennedy
Directed by Adam Jay Epstein / Andrew Jacobson
The Weinstein Company 2009
88 minutes

Another title for Extreme Movie could be Everything You’ve Never Dared Want to Know about Sex and Were Not Kinky Enough to Ask. This Dimension Extreme comedy DVD is a very episodic teen sex movie with many hits and no misses. The Extreme Movie DVD jacket claims it is the unrated version. The rated version could not have been more than 20 minutes long; that is how outrageous this comedy is.

Ostensibly, Extreme Movie follows the adventures of various high school students as they explore the wonderful world of sex; this creates a sketch comedy movie with many, many more hits than misses. There is little here you have already seen or imagined. Have no fear, the high school Sex Head class that sort of holds this comedy together is going to further your education.

The movie opens with Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend finally doing the deed and her desire to then take it to the next level, and the next, and the next. There is also the high school geek who falls in love with a latex hoo-hoo, the guy with an Abe Lincoln fetish (and you just have to see what Extreme Movie does with this one!!), and the two guys in a weird Weird Science spoof. The musical number is something else altogether.

This is a very funny, obviously teen oriented comedy that grown-ups with an open mind and no kids in the room will also enjoy. As for nudity, even though there is a lot of simulated stuff going on there are only three pairs of naked breasts in this movie.

Extreme Movie Unrated is a really enjoyable, original, fun to watch again comedy.


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