Reno 911 Miami The Movie More Busted Than Ever Unrated Cut
Danny DeVito, Michael Clark, Mindy Sterling
Directed by Robert Ben Garant
Fox Home Entertainment 2008

If you like juvenile slapstick humor, read on because this Reno 911! Miami delivers on that level. Surprisingly, it also offers really good acting performances to make us believe that the characters filmed in that pseudo-documentary style are actually the real deal. If I hadn’t seen the blooper reel that comes with the DVD, I’d probably think these clueless law officers were the real deal.

No, seriously though, Lt. Dangle’s police crew destroys the image of the tough, intelligent police officers we normally see in police movies. In fact, they play on racial and sexual identity, they try to show some of the clichés associated with the mythical dumb cop and go beyond all that. All this in order to show us how this most inept group of cops will end up having to “attempt” to restore law and order in Miami after their fellow colleagues are victims of a bio-attack during a national police convention held in the city.

Of course, to create the comedy value, the Reno officers get into blunder after blunder as they try to find who’s responsible for this attack and/or just try to answer to Miami 911 calls. The number of guns that go off by accident, the police car crashes and incidents involving local wildlife are simply hilarious. The villains are also surprisingly dumb, yet we are kept guessing who’s behind all this.

Add to that the really funny Reno 911! Miami The Movie More Busted Than Ever Unrated Cut bonus features like the “Public Service Announcements”, the special intro the “Lost Version” and the unrated “Lost Version” (which means you see lots more skin), the digital copy for your I-Pod, the bloopers and extended scenes, this box set has everything to make you a fan of the Reno 911 crew.

Other features on Reno 911! Miami The Movie include Public Service (?) Announcements, Audio commentary by the director and the writer, and an Easter Egg.

I just wonder if Reno 911 Miami The Movie will have as many sequels as Police Academy did. If so, let’s hope they keep the same types of witty gags combined with the not-so-witty but hilarious visual gags and irreverent humor.


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