Miss March ? Unrated and Theatrical versions
Zack Cregger, Trevor Moore, Raquel Alesi
Directed by Zack Cregger and Trevor Moore
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
94 minutes

Sometimes a comedy goes for toilet humor and it did not need to. This is the case for Miss March on DVD with the theatrical and unrated versions. This movie is a lot better than the producers and directors think it is. Yes, this pretty much straight to DVD comedy belongs to the foul language gross-out genre where bowel movement jokes happen every 8 minutes.  Yes Miss March aims squarely at the teen boy market with its promise of titillation (shouldn’t it be spelled tittylation?).  Yes, Cregger and Moore of Whitest Kids You Know fame turn out to be pretty good comic actors.

Prim and proper Eugene (Cregger) is best friends with crotch hound Tucker (Moore). Eugene and his girlfriend plan to share their intimacy on prom night but Eugene has an accident and goes into a four-year coma. Tucker wakes him up and takes him on a cross-country trip to the Playboy Mansion as Eugene’s virginal girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi) is Miss March. Meanwhile, Tucker is also on the hit list of every fireman in the country because of something he did to his girlfriend. The first firetruck chase scene is particularly funny and original.

The rest of the movies is Eugene and Tucker having a series of misadventures before they get to the Playboy Mansion. These are fun enough to keep you interested even if you are not the teen boy this comedy is aimed at.  The movie does try to redeem itself with a few pro women moments at the end but you know the directors’ hearts are not really into it.

Miss March is a better comedy than Cregger and Moore gave it credit. I hope next time they decide they actually have enough talent to make a real comedy.

The difference between Miss March Unrated and Theatrical is bare breasts and a couple of minutes more of Horsedick-dot-mpeg’s video Suck My D!ck While I F&ck That Ass.


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