Someone Marry Barry
Tyler Labine, Lucy Punch Damon Wayans
Directed by Rob Pearlstein
FilmBuff 2014

Someone Marry Barry is an entertaining mix between the buddy movie and the romantic comedy. Ray, Kurt, and Desmond have known Barry since childhood. They come to the realization Barry is such a lout he has become a liability. The only way things can get better is if they can find someone to control him; in other words, a wife. Things do not go as planned and most of the time it is quite fun to watch. The trailer for Someone Marry Barry shows is very faithful to this comedy’s style.

It starts with a couple of very funny scenes including Barry delivering an inappropriate eulogy. . These are followed by a horrible sequence with a marriage broker (Brett Gelman who makes Pauly Shore look like Laurence Olivier). Fortunately, Barry then bumps into Melanie Miller (Lucy Punch, the first receptionist on Doc Martin) who is just as loutish and they fall in love. This improves the lives of the three buddies until Barry pulls the ultimate Barry that makes all his buddies give up on him. He also manages to anger Melanie and ruin that too.

The last third of Someone Marry Barry is your basic will Melanie and Barry, who are perfect for each other, find a way to get back together? The ending feels a bit rushed as if the filmmakers were running out of film stock.

Someone Marry Barry is a fun movie.