It is unfortunate Dave Konig’s performance sounds like it was recorded on a microcassette recorder by someone standing in the club’s lobby.  Your Face Is Crooked is a decent stand-up comedy MP3 album: Konig, who often sounds like Paul Reiser (Mad About You), does not break any new ground but he does what he does well and he does it clean.  This 2011 recording is being reissued as an MP3 album three years later.

Tracks feature bits about TV commercials, Bumper Stickers, being a comic and getting your luggage lost, Christian versus Jewish holidays, and Vegetarians in their various denominations, to name a few.

The best and most original moment here is Online College.

Lousy sound and a really annoying laughter from an audience mamber make Dave Konig Your Face Is Crooked a pass unless you are a fan.

Your Face Is Crooked
Dave Konig
Stan-up Comedy MP3
Next Round Entertainment 2014

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