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The Green Hornet Blu-ray
Seth Rogen, Jay Choy, Cameron Diaz
Directed by Michel Gondry
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
119 minutes

Over the top in your face comedy meets superhero in The Green Hornet Blu-ray. Early on the Green Hornet is looking for an identity and that is also true of this fun but meandering movie. Purists are no doubt going to roll around in their graves when they notice how the Hornet and Kato are on the big screen but that is because most of those would could notice are already in their grave.

What makes The Green Hornet Blu-ray better than average is Jay Chou as Kato. Chou s subdued take gives some respite from Rogen s manic performance. Kato is an extra smart and multitalented inventor and almost superhuman martial artist and he makes up for the Hornet's goofyness.

Rogen plays spoiled rich kid Britt Reid. When his dad dies Britt is set on continuing his partying ways until a bad cup of coffee leads to his meeting Kato. One night they are bored, go out on the town, come across some thugs attacking a couple and defeat the thugs.

High on the adrenalin rush Britt and Kato work on the superhero s tools and costumes and then set out to fight crime. The Green Hornet pisses off cardboard character villain Chudnofsky whose drug labs the Hornet is taking out.

There is one really original scene in this action comedy Blu-ray when Green Hornet first meets Chudnofsky. Otherwise this movie is par for the genre.

Cameron Diaz plays cute and pouty Lenore, Reid s secretary.

Features on The Green Hornet Blu-ray are The Green Hornet Cutting Room (exclusive to the Blu-ray); Deleted Scenes;  "Awesoom" – Gag Reel; especially lame Filmmakers Commentary; "Trust Me" – Director Michel Gondry, Writing The Green Hornet, The Black Beauty: Rebirth of Cool, The Stunt Family Armstrong, Finding Kato, and The Art of Destruction featurettes; movieIQ; Jay Chou Audition (Easter Egg); Double Barrel (Easter Egg).