The Simpsons The Fourteenth Season Blu-ray
Homer j. Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson
22 Episodes 3 Blu-ray discs
Originally aired 2002-03
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

The Simpsons The Fourteenth Season Blu-ray set features Kang or Kodos on the cover. Season 14 is on the uneven side but most of the episodes are quite fun to watch. Especially good episodes include the Rock Camp with the Rolling Stones and other rock luminaries, the one where Marge gets breast implants, and the series 300th episode. Stay tuned to the three different menu animations as they are quite entertaining.

Of course the highlight on The Simpsons The Fourteenth Season is Treehouse of Horror XIII which is the episode with the magic hammock that clones Homer, wild west characters coming to life, and The Island of Dr. Hibbert. Special features also include Treehouse V (with The Shinning) and Treehouse VI with the tron like Homer2.

Other notable episodes are Pray Anything where Homer discovers the power of prayer to get goodies from God, The Dad Who Knew Too Little where Homer hires a private eye to find out more about Lisa, and Little Richard shows up in Special Edna.

All 22 episodes of The Simpsons season 14 feature a usually lame commentary track. Most include deleted scenes. Three Gays of the Condo has additional languages like Italian and Czech (weirdly entertaining for a minute or two). Moe Baby Blues offers a different animation angle


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