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The Joneses Blu-ray
Demo Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard
Directed by Derrick Borte
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
96 minutes

The Joneses is a dark comedy Blu-ray starringĀ  a great looking Demi Moore and a good looking David Duchovny as the parents of a good looking teenage boy and a hot teenage girl (Amber Heard). The Jones family moves to a new neighborhood and every Jones quickly makes friends in the community. The Joneses seem to be the perfect family. It does not take long to see they have bigger problems than not having decent extra features on their Blu-ray.

The Jones family has it all: great cars, the latest fashion, the latest electronic gadgets, the latest anything. They are also very good at brand name dropping. They are a viral marketer s dream family. They quickly become the local darlings procure and soon everybody wants to keep up with the Joneses. It is ironic that a comedy about product placement has very little of that in it.

Of course keeping up with the Joneses has a price. For some the price is steeper than others.

The Joneses is a biting social comedy that is quite fun to watch. At the same time you get the feeling it pulls its punches and could have taken a more vicious look at our consumer society.

The side story involving the Jones daughter is pointless though you do get some nudity.

The ending totally blows.

If you think The Joneses is fiction think again.

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