The Last Action Hero
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin O`Brien
Originally released 1993
Mill Creek Entertainment 2018

The advantage of Mill Creek Entertainment re-releasing The Last Action Hero is those who have not seen this excellent action comedy can discover it. Those who have seen The Last Action Hero can appreciate it once again. I have always believed this action comedy is underrated and this Blu-Ray just confirms that.

The premise is young Danny is a great fan of the Jack Slater (Schwarzenegger) action movie franchise. There is a fourth Jack Slater movie coming out and Danny is invited by an old projectionist working in a neighborhood rundown theater to see the new Jack Slater movie before anyone else. The projectionist makes a ceremony of the showing, including giving Danny a golden ticket he says he got from Houdini.

The ticket propels Danny into the action movie and he becomes part of it. Of course, movie rules apply within Jack Slater IV and director John McTiernan and the writers have a lot of fun playing with the tropes of the genre. The Last Action Hero gets even more fun when Slater discovers he is a fictional character and he and the bad guys cross the fourth wall into the real world. Charles Dance is great as the villain and gets better when he discovers you can shoot people without consequence in the real world.

This is where things get even more fun and part of what makes The Last Action Hero a must have and must keep action comedy.

Mill Creek Entertainment presents The Last Action Hero Blu-ray in a retro VHS look cardboard sleeve. Unfortunately, there are no special features and I found the Blu-ray a bit grainy.

The Last Action Hero is also available from Mill Creek Entertainment in an 8-pack action movie set:

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