In the year where everybody and her cat has a stand-up comedy download and at a time where the same everybody try to stand out from the crowd by inserting musical interludes and other gimmicks to their show, comes Emily Heller and her stand-up comedy download Pasta. Heller proves talent and a tight set is all you need to impress. Emily Heller Pasta is rock solid stand-up.  Pasta at Amazon

The download opens with a reference to comedy in the Trump Era. This is something most comics have had to do but Heller and her Air Bud / Express Train metaphors bring this to a new level.

Emily Heller is a heavily biographical comic. This only really works if the comic is interesting and has a stage persona you can connect with and like. The therapy bit on Pasta works because of that and because Heller makes an extra effort to connect with someone in the crowd to make the whole thing more realistic.

Diet and exercising are staples of the stand-up comedy world. Even more so is the bit about going to the gym. Heller has the smarts and talent to make such a routine fun and original. Even a rant about children becomes fresh and funny when Heller is doing it.

There are many other great moments on this stand-up comedy download. Many of which are in the smoothly connected relationship bits. Any comedy fan will be impressed with the closing track on Pasta and its killer and most surprising callback, a callback Heller even had the guts to announce was going to come.

Emily Heller Pasta is a comedy download that is well worth your hard earned money

Emily Heller
Stand-up Comedy Download
Kill Rock Stars 2018

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