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The Virginity Hit
Matt Bennett, Zack Pearlam, Jacob Davich
Written and Directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

The Virginity Hit is a movie about four teenage boys who make a pact to all take a hit from a special bong each time one of them loses his cherry. Three of the friends quickly get the deed done. This being the YouTube age they also document their efforts. This means this comedy DVD is a done using lots of hand held cameras and faux cell phone footage in addition to more traditional camera work. If you like that kind of stuff and less than a mature eighteen year old you might want to give this a go.

The fourth friend Matt, has a few problems and adventures along the way. It starts with his thinking his girlfriend did not save herself for his big day. He then meets a single mom who has volunteered to help but he just gets humiliated on YouTube once more. One of his friends helps him do some manscaping. Porn star Sunny Leone is involved somewhere in the process.

It is hard to believe the movie ends the way it does. It seems few kids or the Hollywood version of kids have any self respect anymore.

This is sophomoric ahem comedy ahem and if you choose to believe it represents how the latest generation documents everything darkly pessimistic and just plain sad.  Part of the problem with The Virginity Hit is none of the characters including Matt are likeable. The humor itself never rises above toilet level.

If you think The Virginity Hit is about you go for it. Otherwise pass.

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