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Woodshop  Unrated Director s Cut
Jesse Ventura, Scott Cooper Ryan, Jonathan Davis
Directed by Peter Coggan
42 Productions 2010
90 minutes

Woodshop is a low budget independent movie that tries to be Breakfast Club but has none of the … tools to come close to it. The comedy on this DVD is flat, the characters are not particularly interesting, and the story is a series of all over the place vignettes.

Soon to be school valedictorian and Harvard bound Chris Johnson gets in trouble in chemistry class. His punishment is Saturday detention in the school woodshop run by Mr. Madson (Jesse Ventura). He hangs out there with his best pal Trey and interacts with a series of losers and school oddballs.

The various students in the workshop each get a moment or two and for some reason every third scene leads to a home movie style flashback presenting a character s earlier history.

Of course some characters face some kind of self discovery crisis or reveal something about themselves. For some reason the movie then gets serious when one student decides to kill Madson.

Workshop makes it very hard for the viewer to stay interested. Nothing in this movie quite makes sense. You almost get the feeling this comedy is a series of spliced together deleted scenes from other high school movies recast with the actors who did not get the original part.

Oh well.


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