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The Middle Season 1
Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Eden Sher
Charlie McDermott, Atticus Schaffer, Chris Kattan
3 DVD 24 episodes
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

The Middle is great, quirkily original sitcom starring Patricia Heaton as a middle-class mother of 3 living in the middle of the country. Season 2 of this situation comedy will begin Wednesday September 22nd 2010 on ABC. Fans of the show and those who want to catch up after checking it out can now get The Middle Season 1, a 3 disc 24 episode set. This sitcom DVD set is a keeper.

This comedy focuses on Frankie Heck who is trying to be a mother and keep her job at a used car lot even if she is soon minus two when it comes to sales. Husband Mike is a good guy and works at a quarry. The Hecks are raising a mopey teenager named Axl, an eager but awkward teen daughter named Sue, and Brick, their youngest and weirdest

The common story line in The Middle is if something can go wrong it will. This most often leads to funny situations and some laugh out loud moments. It s greatest strength is the short comic scene like Frankie s 15-minute spa in the dealership washroom or the meeting with the school counselor (both on DVD 1)

Especially good The Middle episodes include The Front Door on DVD 1, Christmas and The Interview (DVD 2), and the Mother’s Day episode on disc 3.

The Neighbor and Valentine’s Day on disc 2 and Fun House (DVD 3) are lame.

Pay attention. In one episode someone says Kentucky won the Final Four but the subtitles read Duke. Betty White shows up in the last show.

The sitcom s one weakness is the voice over commentary by Frankie Heck that is sometimes used too often. Aside from the kid playing Brick the kids are not particularly good actors but the show gets away with it.

Special Features for this situation comedy DVD set are thin. They consist in half a dozen deleted scenes, a brief history of the show that does not mention the earlier Riki Lake version, and a gag reel.

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