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Observe and Report Blu-ray
Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta, Anna Faris
Directed by Jody Hill
Warner Home Video 2009
87 minutes 2:40:1

Observe and Report Blu-ray is a pretty bad and very mean stupid comedy with a few very violent moments. This is the kind of movie you rent as a second choice and are glad you did not pay to see it at the multiplex. There is not much story to observe and report here aside from inept mall cop tries to become a real cop to impress the girl at the beauty counter and other mindless stuff happen.

Seth Rogen plays his usual dumb character although this time he overacts the part. The character is Ronnie Barnhardt and he is a psychotic mall security guard. A real cop (Ray Liotta) gets involved after a flasher and a robbery at the mall. This challenges Ronnie who decides a real badge would be cool. This creates a conflict between the detective and the wanna be cop. Anna Faris is excruciatingly bad as Ronnie’s love interest.

There’s a bunch more scenes after that and they too fail to amuse. Most feel like last minute script changes to try to save this movie.

It is hard not to think of Mall Cop when watching this movie. At least Mall Cop got a bit funny half way through and the character played by Kevin James was likeable.

Observe and Report is all over the place and mostly nowhere. There is a second love interested, the born again virgin at the coffee shop, for some reason, and many, many scenes of the Seth Rogen not doing much at the mall.

Little works in this comedy. Even the mall where Observe and Report opens looks either like a set or parts of an vacant mall.

Comic Patton Oswalt has a cameo as a coffee shop manager.

Special features on Observe and Report Blu-ray include a picure in picture commentary track, outtakes, additional scenes, a gag reel, and BD Live.

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