Keenan Thompson, Fran Kranz, Zachary Levi
Directed by Mark Steilen
Sony Pictures Home Video 2008
93 minutes

There is no question Wieners is a straight to DVD stupid comedy. The question is is it a good stupid comedy. Yes, it is. A few moments of totally and obviously gratuitous nudity and some foul language take it out of the family friendly category.

The premise is original, the characters interesting, and, most important, the jokes are fresh and very few get milked beyond the first laugh.

Buddies Wyatt and Ben (Keenan Thompson and Zachary Levi) decide to take their friend Joel on a cross-country wienermobile road trip. The idea is to get Joel out of the massive depression he is suffering after being dumped on the Dr. Dwayne Show and allow Wyatt to fulfill his lifelong dream to drive a wienermobile and give out free hotdogs.The mission is to go kick some Dr. Phil, sorry, Dr. Dwayne ass.

Wieners turns out to be a pretty decent little buddy movie because the friendship between the characters is believable. This is, in part, what makes this movie fun to watch.

The adventures before the guys get to L.A. are pretty good. It does take a while for Jenna McCarthy to show up at the sixty minute mark but there are a few breasts here and there for no reason to make up for it.

McCarthy only has a cameo as a really gross former grade school teacher now living in some backswampwater burb. The scene only shows she doesn’t even have the talent to competently overact. This is really not enough to give her the billing she gets on the .Wieners DVD jacket. A couple of other comedy stars do weird cameos in this movie and they get more screen time than her.

The final scene is original though a bit long.

This comedy is certainly not going to be remembered a year from now but it is entertaining.


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