Live at Side Splitters
Tim Wilkins
Produced by Joel Haas
Hahaas 2008
58 minutes

Tim Wilkins is an excellent stand-up comic and Live at Sidesplitter 1-17-08, his second comedy CD is an absolute joy to listen to.

This comedian is funny, seamless, surprising, and this is a CD you will listen to again and be happy to hear tracks from on XM Radio again.

This is pretty much the same thing I said about Big Time, Wilkins ‘ first, independent stand-up release. There are only about 6 or 7 lines from Big Time on Live at Sidesplitter such as Mom and the Village People which means this CD features 55 minutes of brand new stuff.

Tim Wilkins is all over the place. For example, the first 4 minutes cover the joy for a married man of being out of the house, airplane and terrorist and screening jokes, a great solution for crying babies, sleeper cells and shopping mall kiosks. What makes this stand-up comic fun to listen to is not only the quality of the jokes but how absolutely seamless all this varied material is. Granted, the airplane stuff is your basic airplane stuff -aside from the crying baby solution.

A cool sequence on this stand-up comedy CD is hurricanes, blondes with artificial floaters, botox, and world championship poker. His very brief charitable causes bit is equal to George Carlin’s.

Another fresh take on standard comedy circuit material include old people in Florida and aging parents but let’s be clear, this guy brings something totally new, fresh, and true to this topic.

Live at Sidesplitter features very brief guest performances by Dudley Moore’s Arthur, Homer Simpson, James Brown, Chewbaca, and, I am still convinced, Flip Wilson’s Geraldine or Tim Allen’s stage wife is now married to Wilkins. That none of these things are forced or milked is more credit to him.

Tim Wilkins is a family man with kids and covers that funny for the audience but seemingly disturbing for him topic. At the risk of repeating myself, which he doesn’t, the material is fresh and has an original take although the ex-spouse with the cold feet in bed doesn’t start out that way.

Ladies: Wilkins is single again if one is to believe his CD Live at Side Splitters. If you want to nab this “nice guy with a sense of humor” make sure you hide all the tools in your ladies garage (aka bathroom).

Wilkins works clean but is an adult comic in the sense you need to be mature (blue pills and sing alongs during long drives) to get some of his references.

Live at Side Splitters 1-17-2008 may not be the most promising title for a CD but, again, this is a comic you will listen to again and again.



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