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Bill Cosby Himself
20th Century Fox 1982

Bill Cosby Himself is definitely one of those stand-up comedy DVDs you have to own.  Not only because it is one of twoBill Cosby DVD available. It is that good. fans of funny comedy and funny standup are, of course familiar with the Cos’ and are very familiar with one of Bill Cosby’s later (relatively speaking of course) comedy CDs, Himself. Himself, the DVD is very different from Himself the funny comedy CD. comedy download (audio) at Amazon: Himself

Bill Cosby Himself, the stand-up comedy CD has 7 tracks, all of them classic funny stories about the Cosby family and the Cosby kids. The classic tracks on the comedy CD are The Dentist, Natural Child Birth, Brain Damage, Kill the Boy, Chocolate Cake For Breakfast, Same Thing Happens Every Night, and The Grandparents. These tracks are between 5 and 8 minutes each, all of these tracks are very funny stories and funny jokes by the master of funny standup and also the king of funny comedy you can share with your kids and probably should share with your kids.

Bill Cosby Himself, the DVD has 17 tracks, not counting the credits tracks (studios always do to make you believe the DVD has more than it really contains), and, again, this is very funny material by the king of family friendly comedy. The reason you absolutely want Bill Cosby Himself is the tour-de-force Cosby pulls on this DVD. The Man stands on a stage with only a mike and a chair. No fancy background, no loud music, nothing except himself and a very astute lighting technician who knows what he is doing and highlights the many moods of Cosby and his funny stories. The tour-de-force Cosby pulls on this comedy DVD is he covers a gamut of topics from drugs and alcohol (family friendly and a good way to begin a discussion on the topic) to funny stories about flying, haircuts, siblings, cookies, and being a befuddled father (aren’t they all).

To fully appreciate the art of Bill Cosby and fully understand why he is a major standup comic you have to see Bill Cosby in action. If you rent by mail Bill Cosby Himself or buy Bill Cosby Himself, the DVD, you get to see the man in all his glory just totally blows away any pretenders to the throne of king of comedy. He has a brilliant gift for making funny noises to illustrate his stories and this is supported by the funny voices, funny expressions, funny body language, and perfectly timed funny pauses and double-takes.

Bill Cosby Himself is the kind of standup comedy DVD that you will want to watch from time to time, especially when you get the doldrums. This DVD was released in 1982 yet not one second of the material is dated. Cosby’s forte is to make timeless comedy seem effortless and cover the human condition without breaking into a sweat. Buy your own copy. It is that good.  Check out our Bill Cosby download page

1- Main Titles
2- The Best Part of Drugs
3- Walking Drunk
4- The Toilet Bowl
5- Dentistry (also on the CD)
6- Natural Childbirth (also on the CD)
7- Sons and Daughters
8- Siblings
9- Brain Damage (also on the CD)
10 Little Jeffrey
11- The Cookie
12- Genius of the House
13- Breakfast (also on the CD as Chocolate Cake)
14- The Haircut (also on the CD as Kill the Boy)
15- Wedding Vows
16- Every Night (also on the CD)
17- Grandparents (also on the CD)
18- End Titles