Ellen DeGeneres
Here And Now
HBO Home Video 2004
60 minutes

Filmed at the Beacon Theatre in NYC for an HBO special and released in September 2004 the Ellen DeGeneres DVD Here And Now is very funny.

This comedy special shows Ellen DeGeneres doing what she does best. In what seems like a completely unscripted zeitgeist DeGeneres seized the audience from the opening applause and delivers a seamless performance.

There is no weakness to the stand-up routine on Here And Now. It even features one of the longest call backs this reviewer has ever been witness too and because of the length of time that has past comes at you so unexpectedly it is stunningly hilarious.

The level of professionalism on this stand-up comedy DVD is what we have come to expect from HBO. The sound quality and camera work are great the editing is unobtrusive and really lets DeGeneres build up the momentum of her set.

Ellen De Generes is constantly in motion while on stage pausing only briefly to drink some water or make a face when the audience is treated to “obligatory” gay material for all of about 30 seconds and then launched down the meandering path that is Ellen DeGeneres’ mind.

You really get the feeling when watching her work that it is all just free association Ellen’s ease with her material and the sudden and frequently bizarre insights are what sets off the funny bone.

Whether she is talking about procrastination, telephones, our frantic lifestyles or pickle juice Ellen is unerringly funny and gifted with a talent to make us think while we are laughing. The only complaint if there can be one is that the show was only one hour long. Still was an hour well spent.


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