Dane Cook
Harmful If Swallowed
Comedy Central Records
CD / DVD set
Parental Advisory

Dane Cook does comedy of the mundane. He is very good at what he does but the comedy CD is far more interesting than the stand-up comedy DVD. It is a good thing Harmful If Swallowed give you the option of either listening to or watching this stand-up comic.

Cook is not a very profound comic. His comedy is mostly observations about the very ordinary and autobiographical material. This makes for a basically harmless somewhat blue and rather funny set.

This comedian is best known for his material about Kool-Aid, the Operation and Monopoly games, and the devil-voiced Speak n’ Spell. It would be wrong to label him immature but he is definitely not very profound.

Dane Cook does cover some more adult material like getting head and darkish stuff like getting a tire in the face but he is most successful when he keeps it simple.

You will probably enjoy the CD more than the DVD that comes in the dual set Harmful If Swallowed. Seeing Dane Cook perform you get the impression that a lot of his manic energy his forced and, consequently, fake. He also tends to repeat visual stuff for no other reason than it got a laugh so might as well stretch it out as long as he can.

The fact that he also cannot keep his voice level makes for an uneven sounding set that is no fault of the recording engineer. The DVD features two versions of his Comedy Central Presents show, the somewhat cleaned-up and the full-hour uncut version as well as a set from Denis Leary’s charity event Comics Come Home and a short set from Premium Blend.

Again, this is good stuff but much more enjoyable as a listening rather than a viewing experience.

This Dane Cook dual set is a good bang for your buck if you know ahead of time you will definitely listen to the stand-up comedy CD much more often than you will watch the comedy DVD.

Track List CD:

Parking Structure
Umm, Hello?
Car Accident
Tire in the Face
Would You Rather
Fireman & Policeman & Miniature Golf Course Security Guard
The BK Lounge
Pregnant Lady
Five Sisters
Slip n’ Bleed
Speak n’ Spell
Operation – Monopoly
Don’t Tickle Me
Fuk and the Finga
Just Wanna Dance
Hopped Up on the Q
Not So Kool-Aid
Pick a Number Please!
Bonus Track


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